I bring care of the feet to all age groups in the comfort of your own home. Established 19 years. I cover corns, callouses, verrucae, insoles and functional orthotics, Diabetic care ( including sensitivity testing using a Doppler), ingrown nails, foot massage and advice on footwear.
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Feet R Us
It is very easy to leave minor foot problems alone and hope they go away! However, most foot problems are unlikely to correct themselves and can usually get worse. Basic hygiene and nail cutting may be all that's needed to keep your feet in good health, but when normal feet turn into problem feet, maybe with corns, callus, hard skin, bunions, thickened nails, ingrown nails, athletes foot or bunions - it's best then to seek professional help. Some problems are inherited; some develop from illnesses or foot trauma, or from the pressure of ill-fitting shoes
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Day2Day Foot Clinic
foot health practitioner, callus removal, corn treatment, fungalnail treatment, toenail reconstruction/correction, nail cutting services, diabetic feet services,athletes foot treatment
Herne Bay
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